Conservation Show

Conservation in action

Conservation Show

Get up close and personal with our most fascinating, endangered wildlife in this entertaining 30-minute free flight show.ย 

  • 11am DAILY
  • 1.30pm DAILY
  • 4pm DAILY

Presented by our team of skilled and passionate wildlife experts, this captivating show will have you laughing, learning, and discovering the true uniqueness of our native wildlife, as well as the challenges they confront in their natural habitats.ย 

Prepare to be entertained, educated, and inspired as you witness the remarkable talents of these incredible creatures and gain a deeper appreciation for their conservation needs.ย A unique and memorable event that is sure to be the highlight of your Kiwi Park experience.

Join us for a family-friendly experience that combines education and excitement!ย 

Shows & Encounters

KIWI Encounter

Enjoy an unforgettable experience viewing Kiwi while learning about these fascinating birds from our professional wildlife team. Our specially designed nocturnal house will provide you with the best Kiwi viewing in the country.

Self guided audio

Download the complimentary Self-guided Audio app to enjoy a highly informative self-guided tour of the Kiwi Park at your own pace. Available in multiple languages.

Honey Bee Centre

Witness the bustling activity of bees up close in our see-through hive. Enjoy a complimentary honey tasting and explore the different flavours, grades and combinations of quality New Zealand honey.