Meet Pakō

We’re thrilled to announce a momentous occasion at Kiwi Park in Queenstown – the hatching of our first kiwi chick in eight years! Named Pako, this adorable chick symbolizes not only hope but also our unwavering commitment to the conservation of New Zealand’s iconic bird species.

Pako’s parents, Anzac and Atawhai, have been diligently cared for by our dedicated staff, and Pako’s arrival has been eagerly anticipated by wildlife enthusiasts and park visitors alike. His hatching marks a significant milestone in our conservation efforts, reminding us of the importance of protecting these unique creatures and their habitats.

From the moment Pako emerged from his shell, he captured the hearts of everyone at Kiwi Park. Through careful monitoring and nurturing, Pako has grown into a healthy and vibrant chick, representing the success of our breeding program and the potential for future conservation endeavors.

But Pako’s journey doesn’t end here. Over the next six months, he’ll continue to receive the utmost care and attention from our staff, with the possibility of becoming a permanent resident at Kiwi Park. This decision will be made thoughtfully, considering where Pako can make the greatest contribution to the kiwi population.

In the meantime, we’re excited to offer visitors the unique opportunity to observe Pako up close and learn more about kiwi conservation. By engaging the public and fostering a deeper connection with these remarkable birds, we hope to inspire further support and action for conservation projects across New Zealand.

Pako’s story is just the beginning of our ongoing efforts to safeguard the future of kiwis for generations to come. As he grows and flourishes within our park, we invite you to join us in celebrating his journey and the critical importance of conservation efforts in preserving our natural heritage.

Visit Kiwi Park today and meet Pako – a beacon of hope for kiwi conservation in Queenstown!

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