We are committed to conserving & protecting New Zealand wildlife & their habitats

Kiwi Park is  a hub for conservation research and public awareness campaigns, highlighting the importance of protecting the country’s endemic species from threats such as habitat destruction and introduced predators.

Visitors to the park have the opportunity to learn about our conservation initiatives through interactive exhibits, guided tours, and educational programs tailored for all ages.

Today, Kiwi Park continues to play a vital role in wildlife conservation, working closely with government agencies, conservation organizations, and local communities to safeguard New Zealand’s natural heritage.

Kiwi Park is fully certified with providing positive animal welfare by the Zoo and Aquarium association (ZAA) as well as being fully permitted by the Department of Conservation (DOC). 

Breed for Release Species:

  • South Island Kākā

  • North Island Brown Kiwi

  • Pāteke (Brown Teal)

  • Whio (Blue Duck)

We manage breeding programmes and insurance populations for our other 20+ native bird and reptile species. Learn more about our wildlife.

Over 20,000 native trees and shrubs have been planted in the park since its opening. Our reforestation program is funded by donations which covers the cost of the tree, while our staff and volunteers plant the tree in the park.