Your Private Tour Option

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ex, jealousy, devotion, tragedy, courage, survival against the odds, and the dedication of New Zealand’s conservation champions are just some of the daily dramas in the world of New Zealand’s native bird and reptile life.

Private tours provide our visitors with the chance to immerse themselves in this world. Enjoy a personal encounter with our unique endangered wildlife guided by an experienced Park zoologist.

This exclusive opportunity offers up-close and personal encounters with our unique and rare wildlife. Our guests will be guided around the Park by one of our qualified zoologists, meeting some of our amazing animals along the way. Amongst these special experiences are the chance to play with our cheeky kea, watch falcon feed, and meet our ‘living fossil’, the tuatara, face-to-face.
During a private Kiwi Feeding, your guide will share a wealth of knowledge about New Zealand’s iconic bird and the work that we do at the Park to help save kiwi. Guests are also invited to attend the Live Conservation Show at 11am, 1.30pm or 4pm daily.
We are able to tailor these tours to focus on specific interests and requests. Depending on the time of the year, we may even have kiwi eggs in our incubation facility and we are able to share this very special experience with our guests.

Family Audio Tour

Private Tours are suitable for all sized groups. Single guests, family groups or larger parties. We can time the tour to suit your schedule but recommend that you allow about 2 hours for all the experiences available.
Bookings are essential.