• Meet a Dinosaur

    Tuatara. New Zealand's living fossil.
    Outliving keepers every day at the Park.

  • Guaranteed Kiwi Viewing

    You'll get this close to a real kiwi in our
    specially designed nocturnal houses.
    We guarantee you'll see a kiwi.

  • Conservation Show

    New Zealand's Original Wildlife Show

    Sharing the Conservation Message daily since 1986.

What They're Saying
As Australians we did not realise that our close NZ neighbors had such different fauna...We really enjoyed the Conservation show and learned a lot about the threats to NZ birds. The audio tour was great, really easy to use and informative!!

- Deanna72 - Renmark, Australia

This was a great way to get very close to some of NZ's endangered birds and support the very passionate and informed people that work at the bird park.

- Mburton99

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